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8 months in

Say it isn’t so…. 8 months in! Time to take stock, not stocktake, well there may be a little bit of that happening – watch the website for EOFY deals (sounds a little car sales!).
Phew, I have barely had time to scratch myself, 8 months in and I have met some truly awesome people. I said to some one the other day, gee, this business is way more than I thought it would be, I mean, it was originally suppose to just be a hobby. I bought it from the lovely Sam, as I needed something to fill my time with at night after my little man went to bed and to save me from devouring a packet of chocolate biscuits each night.
I have investigated nappies, I have read forums, joined Cloth nappy loving Facebook groups, all in the name of knowing. It has been such fun learning. So much so that I can pass on knowledge and be confident with all of the brands the I stock. And, I have to say, everyone I have encountered has been super supportive and helpful with any thing cloth. This is not a weird cult at all (come on I know you’ve seen the memes.)
I am surrounded by such gorgeous things on a daily basis and let me tell you, it makes my ovaries scream out for a little bundle to put in to them! But, alas, we will silence those screams, by having an army of testers and I am certainly not short of these. I’ve had relos as my guinea pigs, until they scream out “no more, I cant fall in love with anything else”, and then I have to face the fact, I am enabling cloth nappy addictions, but for that I cant feel too guilty about right, riiiigght?
I have some very exciting new products heading their way to the bucket as we speak, as we speak people, these items are coming exclusively in or back to Australia via this very own website, there is something so mysterious, scary or crazy about this.
I, of course, will be making sure they are perfect and suit our needs as cloth loving parents. I also have some other exciting plans to unveil over the next few months. Like providing options for first time cloth users to experience all that each brand has to offer, without the hard decision process and heavy expense for putting teeny tiny bulbs in to newborn cloth straight from birth. I am super excited about this… I am also working on launching some very own Nappy Bucket branded goodies too.
So stay close, I wont be far away.
Oh bucket, see you real soon