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The Nappy Bucket family 2.0

The Nappy Bucket was started in June 2007 by a Townsville family who, after struggling to find cloth nappies in real life for their newborn daughter, decided to bring modern cloth nappies to regional Queensland. In particular they were interested in quick drying and one size nappies, thus The Nappy Bucket was born. After a year of establishing this online business, they decided to sell, it was loving taken on board by Sam and her husband Cam. When it was time for Sam and Cam to move on from the business, enter me, my name is Maree. I jumped at the chance to take over an already established online business, with great products that are environmentally friendly, so gentle and better for your baby, save money on already tight family budgets and of course the products are just so darn cute!

I purchased MCN’s for my son when he was a baby, I am familiar with requirements and how different producst suits different little bums. The Nappy Bucket specialises in a range of different one size nappies – that fit your baby from birth to toilet training – but we also stock sized nappies, fitted nappies, nappy covers, swim nappies, baby carriers, some amazing organic products for use inside and outside the home…everything you need to start you on your cloth journey.
Being that we are now in The Napyy Bucket 2.0 phase, I am looking to make sure I can continue to service our customers from newborn stage right the way through, with all different types of awesome products. Please feel free to contact me at any time (sales@nappybucket.com.au), like the Facebook page and provide me with any feedback or just say hi.

I look forward to taking on this new venture and I look forward to sharing awesome products with you all



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