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LittleLamb Nappy review – Guest Blog written by Alison McCaffrey

I was lucky enough to be asked to test the Little Lamb bamboo terry fitted diaper (sorry, I’m Canadian and if I’m writing a longer post I will need to revert to my native tongue!) and PUL cover.
I have an 11.3kg 11-month-old boy, Theodore – he was 10.5 months when I first tried these on him.  He has been a notoriously heavy wetter since day one, though of course once we got this diaper to try he got sick and slowed down the output a little.
This was my very first brand new bamboo terry diaper – and my, oh my, it was the softest thing I have ever held.  And the super soft liner that came inside makes me a little jealous that only bubba gets to have that against his skin.
Here they are fresh out of the post bag.
2017-07-13 21.13.00 2017-07-13 21.13.53
I was thrilled that after an initial 18+ hour soak in cold water, then a pre-wash (my usual new diaper process), and the best part of two days drying in the Brisbane winter sun, it all felt just as soft as when it arrived.  Lucky little boy.  The cover also felt so nice and light, lightweight elastics and an easy to wipe inside (which I absolutely love).
As expected, the first time I put the diaper on bubba he christened it within 15 minutes.  Feeling a bit cheeky, and not wanting to wait another 4 days in the winter drying time to try it again, I checked for pee (nothing, totally dry) and made sure the mess was all on the liner (completely, nice and tidy) and simply removed the mess and put it back on.  Not my proudest mummy moment, but clearly he found it comfortable so who was I to take that away after only 15 minutes?  After another 2.5 hours he wasn’t very wet, but less than 24 hours later we discovered Theo was getting sick.
I waited until he was well to try it again, so went nearly 10 days before the second wear.  This time it was closer to normal, so quite wet in the front but still totally dry in the back.  Theo is a tummy sleeper, so every time I used it the booster was doubled over at the front to maximize absorbency.  And it definitely worked because now after four uses at different times of the day and back to being absolutely healthy, he still hasn’t managed to soak the back.  It’s been damp right through to about the top of the legs but nothing further.
The fit of the diaper, accompanied by the beautiful cover is fabulous.  Theo has skinny little hips under a sometimes very substantial belly, and the waist and velcro fit snugly in the correct spot. See the pictures here.. (Thank you Theo for being a wonderful model)
2017-07-13 21.12.08  2017-07-13 21.11.50  2017-07-13 21.11.27  2017-07-13 21.09.45
When I opened the package I looked at the cover and thought ‘No way that’s going to fit, it’s huge!’ – but clearly, I was wrong.  I did use the cover with our pad folded prefolds, which is the primary diaper we use, and it was too big for what we’re using at the moment.  No rise adjustment meant it wasn’t tight enough to hold the prefold in place, and there was some sneaky mess on one occasion contained within the cover.
This is seriously one of the easiest combinations I have used.  Hubby tried it one afternoon as well, and after asking to make sure he was getting it right his response was a slightly surprised ‘Wow, that’s it?’ so it passes the quick and painless test for both of us.  One downside I can see coming is the velcro on the cover – when we get to summer and bub isn’t wearing pants anymore, I imagine this will be a bit easier to open than the snaps we usually have.
Did I consider trying this overnight?  Yes, but only briefly.  We use a heavy duty night diaper with a wool cover, and we’ve just worked out all the kinks with leaks.  Now that Theo is in our bed for half the night, I wasn’t quite ready to risk a puddle for all of us to deal with at 3am.  Maybe once he’s back in the cot all night I’ll be game to give it a try.
Biggest downside of the fitted diaper?  Drying time.  Being an avid prefold user, I’m used to being able to dry everything the same day they as they are washed.  However, I do have some all-in-ones and the crazy night diapers, and this is certainly faster drying than them.  I could totally get used to the extra dry time if I had enough to cover the time.
I look forward to many future uses of the Little Lamb combo.
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The crafters amongst us

Oooh hello!

Geez this blogging has slipped through my fingers.

I had all the best intentions, thoughts and plans for my life as a new online business owner, when I first started, hahahaha, seems my organisation skills leave a little to be desired!

Bit by bit, I am making a start!  I would like to see input from The Nappy Bucket fans and also guests blog posts, I reckon that would be awesome. Anyone who has an inkling to write about their cloth nappy passions, trials and tribulations or just feel like providing a product review, you will be welcome.  So come at me with your suggestions or urge to be a blogger! Currently, we have some brand new product out to our testers who I have asked to consider writing their review, this is something very exciting, I can’t wait to see what everyone writes!

Anywho, when I started writing I got carried away and digressed from my initial title..

So, there is something you don’t know about me, I am a thriftin’ crafter! I love to repurpose stuff, and I love to create fun little projects, annnnd my mum is a master seamstress, absolutely stuns me with how amazing her sewing skills are, I can sew and I like to sew, but this lady is next level, she is currently visiting me from Brisbane, I have projects coming at her. We are planning the launch of some The Nappy Bucket branded cuteness! But while we finish the prototypes etc. we have been working on some pretty cute stuff..

My mum has made the most adorable wetbag and nappy change mat combo you could possibly imagine, it is perfect for your handbag….. Guess what, I have some fun news, she has given me this cuteness to offer as a prize for our many loyal Nappy Bucket customers – keep an eye on Facebook, for a picture.

How do I enter I hear you say…….. well,  if you purchase anything from the website valued $34.95 and over by the 31 July, 2017 (does not include postage) you go in to the draw to win this amazing item.

This prize is valued at over $50 – it seriously is the coolest thing, I am already jealous of the winner.

Next cool thing…

When it comes to our kids, monkey see monkey do, am I right?? Well usually I say that when my boys copies or leads silly behaviour. But that is another blog post for another day. I took some time off from my day job last week and I decided to focus all of my working hours during the day to the Nappy Bucket, and man did I have some fun.  I started looking at how cute all our nappies were and I have a dolly that I demonstrate prefolds on and I thought, how cute would it be if we made dolly MCNs??  So I made a pattern and made some.  These need a cute photo shoot ans will be listed on the site, I am working on my merchandise staging skills, but these are uber cute – so while I perfect I shall include some merchandising fails on Facebook – you can see the cuteness prior to listing. They are selling as a 2 pack for $16.95 and you can choose the patterns too!

So remember, if you have any product question, want to get your hands on some of the cutest baby doll mcns, want to be a guest blogger or just want to say hi, I love a chat, so drop me an email

Happy Monday!!

Maz xx


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8 months in

Say it isn’t so…. 8 months in! Time to take stock, not stocktake, well there may be a little bit of that happening – watch the website for EOFY deals (sounds a little car sales!).
Phew, I have barely had time to scratch myself, 8 months in and I have met some truly awesome people. I said to some one the other day, gee, this business is way more than I thought it would be, I mean, it was originally suppose to just be a hobby. I bought it from the lovely Sam, as I needed something to fill my time with at night after my little man went to bed and to save me from devouring a packet of chocolate biscuits each night.
I have investigated nappies, I have read forums, joined Cloth nappy loving Facebook groups, all in the name of knowing. It has been such fun learning. So much so that I can pass on knowledge and be confident with all of the brands the I stock. And, I have to say, everyone I have encountered has been super supportive and helpful with any thing cloth. This is not a weird cult at all (come on I know you’ve seen the memes.)
I am surrounded by such gorgeous things on a daily basis and let me tell you, it makes my ovaries scream out for a little bundle to put in to them! But, alas, we will silence those screams, by having an army of testers and I am certainly not short of these. I’ve had relos as my guinea pigs, until they scream out “no more, I cant fall in love with anything else”, and then I have to face the fact, I am enabling cloth nappy addictions, but for that I cant feel too guilty about right, riiiigght?
I have some very exciting new products heading their way to the bucket as we speak, as we speak people, these items are coming exclusively in or back to Australia via this very own website, there is something so mysterious, scary or crazy about this.
I, of course, will be making sure they are perfect and suit our needs as cloth loving parents. I also have some other exciting plans to unveil over the next few months. Like providing options for first time cloth users to experience all that each brand has to offer, without the hard decision process and heavy expense for putting teeny tiny bulbs in to newborn cloth straight from birth. I am super excited about this… I am also working on launching some very own Nappy Bucket branded goodies too.
So stay close, I wont be far away.
Oh bucket, see you real soon

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Hello, the eagle has landed.

Well here I am, I’m not  sure where to start, oh maybe I will start with introducing myself, yes good idea Maree..
My name is Maree, I am a single mum of a busy 6 year old, I work full time for a not for profit organisation, I have a small consultancy business I also run, then one day I happened to stumble upon a post written by Sam Talbot (the now previous owner of the Nappy Bucket), I looked at it, I myself have a penchant for all things cute tailed, I jumped at the chance to own my own small online business, so with 24 useable hours in a day, I plan to conquer them all. What got me interested in this business?  I don’t have a kiddo in nappies any more, but I did buy MCNs for my lil babe when he was little, so I know how addictive,easy and darn cute these products are, what excited me about this business was the amount of organic products Sam has stocked and I hope you have all taken some time to check these out, I also am looking at expanding on this, so please stay tuned.

I rabbit on sometimes, and when writing a blog its like I’m talking to myself, very interesting, please hang in there.

So this has been my first official weekend, since taking over the business, for the past couple of days, I have been commandeering every available space in my house to store stock, yes, my son and I have only just brought our house and we may already need to upsize!

Anywho, back to it.  I thank Sam for selling the business to me, and I look forward to keeping her customers happy and look forward to welcoming new customers.  I have some grand ideas, and I will float these all past you before committing!  I ask you to bear with me for a little bit, until Stella (me) gets her groove on!

If you have any feedback or have any ideas of products, please let me know, email me here through the Contact Us section of the page.

Thank you and Happy Sunday evening!



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The Nappy Bucket for sale

After owning The Nappy Bucket for 7+ years now, and loving it, I feel that it is time to move on – my children are growing up so quickly, no longer needing cloth nappies (I know, sad but true!). With this in mind, The Nappy Bucket is for sale, and I would love to be able to pass it on to someone who is enthusiastic about cloth nappies, and who would be able to take the business to new heights. The sale would include all stock, this new website I have established over the past year, Facebook page, member list, and the good name we have established in the business over the time we have been in operation. If you feel that you might like to try your hand at an online business, please get in touch ( and we can discuss things further.

Thanks to all my great customers over the years, I have loved having the business, and just hope there is someone out there who would like to carry on our good name and keep spreading the word on how great cloth nappies are.

Sam and The Nappy Bucket team.

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GroVia Scratch Off promotion


I just don’t know where this year is going – my eldest has had his birthday, Easter has come and gone, my middle boy had his birthday this week (just have to survive the party and 3 extra boys for a sleepover tonight!!) – it is all happening way too fast.

GroVia are offering a fantastic promotion – simply purchase any GroVia product from our range (and we do stock it all – one size nappies, hybrid shells, all in one nappies, newborn nappies, trainers, flushable liners, Magic Stick, Mighty Bubbles…) between 15 – 30 April and we will send you a Scratch Off ticket with your order. You have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a free GroVia product simply by scratching the ticket and seeing if you have won. Doesn’t get much better than that. So, if you were thinking of getting some more GroVia’s for your stash, or wanted to begin your stash with one of the best, highest quality nappies around, then make sure you get your order in with us before 30th April – you never know, you might just get an extra little something you weren’t expecting.

Simply search our website for GroVia, and happy shopping…

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Designer Bums one size nappies

Little One

We are pleased to announce that we are now stockists of Designer Bums one size nappies. These are much sought after, so we are happy to be able to now provide them to our customers.

Designer Bums one size nappies are made with 100% premium cotton outers and a silky soft Suede Cloth lining, which is a one-way fabric that allows liquid to pass through and be drawn away, keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The hidden PUL (polyurethane laminate) layer keeps moisture from leaking through so you don’t need an extra cover.

Designer Bums nappies have snap closures, and come with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo insert + a smaller insert booster made from natural bamboo fibres that have natural anti-bacterial properties. Cotton outer nappies are recommended for daytime use and are ideal for 2-4 hours.

Great for newborns from 3.5 kg all the way through to toilet training. Not only are they simply gorgeous, but they are great for the environment too!

Designer Bums nappies were originally sewn at home (in Australia), however due to increasing demand these wonderful nappies are now ethically manufactured with premium materials sourced both locally & overseas.

You can purchase these nappies separately, or they do come in value packs as well, so why not get a few while you are there and save some money! You won’t regret using these nappies on your baby – and the prints are just awesome also, I dare you to pick just one that is your favourite – I have about 10…no 11….no make that 12 that are my favourites!!

Check them out under the “New Arrivals” tab, or in the “Nappies/One size” section of the website.

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Hi there,

Sorry for all of you who were looking forward to the MCN Reviews Nappy Hunt (as we were), but unfortunately it has been cancelled for this year. But, with how quickly this year is already going, it won’t be too long before next year is here and it will be on again!!! Please get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks, Sam.

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MCN Reviews HUNT 2016

We here at The Nappy Bucket are very excited to be a sponsor in the MCN Reviews HUNT for this year. What is this all about??? Well, the HUNT will take place from Friday 4th March – Sunday 20th March 2016 and it involves looking for icons with unique codes on them that have been hidden on various sponsor websites. To enter to win the main prizes, group members will need to find as many of the icons as they can (and submit these at the end of the Hunt).

There will be a list of all the participating businesses in the MCN Reviews Facebook group ( before the Hunt begins (with links to their websites and facebook pages). Specific albums will also be created in the group with the logos of all businesses and links to facebook pages and websites, and this is where giveaways, specials and hints will be posted.

There will be 5 main prizes for group members ($ vouchers) and this prize money MUST be spent with one or more of the participating businesses. There are also 2 bonus (6th and 7th) prizes – that members who spend over $50 at participating businesses can enter to win (once again, this prize money must be spent at one or more of the businesses). Prizes will also been shown on the Facebook page.

So basically, pop over to the MCN Reviews Facebook page, join up as a member if you aren’t already, and when the 4th March comes around start looking for those icons!!! The Hunt is heaps of fun, you will be able to check out local Australian businesses selling a wide range of products, and who knows – you may walk away with some great prizes!!! So get hunting, and have heaps of fun along the way!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year break, you may even be lucky enough to still be on holiday. We had a great time with our family and friends over the festive season, enjoying lovely food and drink, and just happy to be in each others company. 2016 will bring some exciting changes to The Nappy Bucket – I will be dedicating more of my time to running the business, which means benefits for you also. At the moment we are having 35% off all our baby carriers – Ergo, Manduca and caboo – so if you have ever wanted to carry your baby/toddler, or if you just want to add to your carrying stash, now is the time to buy up. I will be posting more regular updates here on the website, and please come over to our Facebook page (The Nappy Bucket) for other news that is happening on a day to day basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all regarding any of the stock we sell, we are only too happy to ‘chat cloth’ with you. Here’s to a great New Year!