Baby Carriers

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Baby wearing is an extremely popular way of transporting your child and can offer a range of benefits for both bub and wearer. Here at The Nappy Bucket we offer Close Caboo baby carriers to suit your requirements.

The benefits of carriers

Whether you are a new parent to be or a mum or dad of six, everyone can experience the benefits of baby wearing. Extremely convenient and easy to set up and use, slings and carriers are the ideal purchase for new parents, or a gift for someone with a bundle of joy. So what are some benefits for purchasing one of these products? Keeping an infant or toddler close to one of their parents has been shown to decrease crying, increase weight gain and improve bonding. What’s more, it gives you your hands back whilst allowing you to keep bub as close as possible.

Benefitting bub, benefitting you

No more straining your shoulders or back by holding them in your arms without assistance, and no bulky prams that get stuck in doorways or take up much needed space and inhibit manoeuvrability. Modern baby carriers are easy to use and can be fitted with just a few secures – no complex knots required.

By carrying your child in a sling or carrier, you have more freedom to go about your day and you know your little one is safe and happy with you. Many Australian’s who use baby carriers say they not only feel closer to their child, they get more done because they’re not trying to work one handed. Fantastic for shopping, baby is happy and calm and you don’t have the hassle of manoeuvring a pram through narrow people-filled aisles.

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