Inserts, Boosters and Liners

All the nappies available at The Nappy Bucket are sold with inserts included unless otherwise stated, however at times you might want to purchase extra inserts and boosters for added absorbancy or to have extras on hand. These inserts can be used in any of the pocket nappies sold at The Nappy Bucket, the liners and boosters work well for added absorbancy and the inserts are easy to remove for quick drying.

Some tips on inserts:

•Microfibre absorbs more quickly but may suffer from compression leaks when saturated.
•Hemp holds urine for longer without compression leaks but absorbs slower.
•Bamboo absorbs the most, but takes the longest to dry.
•Microfibre dries quickest.
•Hemp dries faster than bamboo.
•If using a combination of microfibre/hemp or microfibre/bamboo always place the microfibre closest to your baby’s bottom.
•Microfibre should not be used in direct contact with baby’s skin due to its drying effects.
•Some babies require all natural inserts such as hemp and bamboo.