Pocket nappies

Pocket nappies are convenient, quick drying and trim fitting so they fit under those clothes made for disposables. Pocket nappies come with a waterproof PUL cover and a soft lining (usually microfleece) that draws wetness away from your baby’s skin to the absorbant layer underneath. The absorbant layer (also called a stuffer or insert) is placed inside the nappy through a pocket (either at the back or the front). To wash simply shake out the insert and throw them both in the wash.

Please note: all our pocket nappies come WITH inserts included in the price, meaning there are no added costs when you purchase these type of nappies from us.

Inserts can be made from a range of fabrics including hemp, bamboo or microfibre or you can simply use a prefold or flat nappy folded to fit. If you insert is made from microfibre, then you must slip this inside the pocket nappy, and not simply lay it on top, as microfibre can be very harsh on your baby’s bottom.

We stock a range of pocket nappies here at The Nappy Bucket, most of these are one size so they grow with your baby, and we also have the FuzziBunz Perfect Sized pocket nappies that fit beautifully no matter what age your baby is.

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Showing all 3 results