A simpler and trimmer alternative to the old terry flat!

Prefolds are a great addition to your nappy stash and they are particularly helpful in the early newborn stage when you are changing your baby frequently and need something that will contain well, fit well and is economical when baby is growing so fast. As an added bonus they can be used inside pocket nappies when your baby is older.

Prefolds work in a system with a cover, generally you will only need 4 covers for your whole stash. Depending on if you are using prefolds exclusively or not will impact on how many prefolds you require. Each prefold will last for about one hour to two hours before needing to be changed (for the cotton prefolds, longer for the bamboo prefolds), so you may need between 6 and 24 prefolds.

We recommend you have a least two covers to change between and allow for airing between nappy changes. You can either fold the prefold in a pad fold (fold in thirds) and simply place inside a cover or alternatively you can use a more complicated fold and pin or Snappi them and put a cover over the top (look at our FAQs page for more info on folding techniques).

Our prefolds are made from quilted cotton twill that won’t pill or shred with even the roughest washing. The Nappy Bucket also sells bamboo prefolds that are wonderful and soft and much more absorbant than the cotton prefolds. Prefolds fluff up beautifully after their first wash and increase in absorbancy the more you use them.