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Imse Vimse Swim Nappy

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Looking for a fantastic swim nappy to use on your little one when in the water? Imse Vimse swim nappies gorgeous designs are ideal for any infant and come with side snaps on the right side for easy removal even when wet.

ImseVimse swim nappies are high quality, practical and stylish swimwear for your baby. Thanks to very soft and smooth elastic around the waist and legs, your child can move freely in the water. ImseVimse swim nappies consist of a layer of soft fabric that is leakproof in case of accidents and a stretchy bathing costume fabric on the outside. Snap fastenings make it easy to pull the swim nappies on and take them off, even when wet.


Product Description

Imse Vimse swim nappies have received rave reviews for their stylish look, ability to contain accidents and freedom of movement in the water. Designed to look like swimmers with the ability to be washed and used again, this product is the ideal choice when it comes to your bub having fun in the water.

A Nappy That Makes Swimming Fun for your Bub

These gorgeous designs are ideal for any infant and come with side snaps on the right side for easy removal even when wet. Gentle elastic around the legs helps to stop any accidents leaking out of the sides and causing a mess! Like all Nappy Bucket stock, these Imse Vimse swim nappies can be washed and used time and time again, which means that your purchase won’t contribute to landfill or pollution.

Imse Vimse swim nappies come in a fabulous range of sizes for the perfect fit and a beautiful array of designs and colours. Our nappies will make your baby the hippest bub at the pool or beach. When looking for nappies for the pool or beach that really do the job, these are perfect for comfort, fit and keeping accidents in.


Newborn 4-6kg; Small 6-8kg; Medium 7-11kg; Large 9-12kg; XLarge 11-14k; SLarge 13kg – 17kg; Junior 16 – 20kg (Junior limited stock)

We know there are a lot of prints and sizes available, and if we don’t have what you are after, please let us know and we will try our best to get it for you.


Care Instructions: 
Rinse the nappies thoroughly in chlorine-free water after use. Wash at 40°C (delicate wash programme) if necessary.
 – Made in Europe.
– This product is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 for baby products.


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