Punkin-Butt Bamboo Fuzzy Booster


Super absorbent with 3 layers of fabric, designed to keep baby dry.



3 x layers of absorbent fabric; Bamboo Fuzzy Boosters are then topped with one layer of super soft bamboo velour meant to keep Baby feeling soft and comfortable.
Why add a Fuzzy topping? We want our babies to enjoy a super soft nappy while getting the biggest absorbancy advantage possible. Bamboo and hemp are super absorbant materials giving your baby lots of absorbing power without the bulk!

Combine this with a Woolly insert and you can maximise your absorbency for even the heaviest setters – check out he woolly inserts here
Hand sewn by a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) exclusively for Punkin-Butt!

size length width
medium 34.29cm x 12.7cm
large 38.1cm x 12.7cm
*Improved! Boosters are now preshrunk to avoid rippling and twisting. Dimensions above are actual size.

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Medium, Large